Day 127 – Jan 23rd

Busy day today, tried to get the vibration motor clock to function with a single arduino which sadly isn’t possible due to it only having a few PWM pins. So! I tried it with four motors, got the code all nice and pretty but the motors aren’t nearly as addressable (variable in strength) as I think would be necessary. Here’s my 4 VM attempt:


The chat with Geoff was very useful though, Vibration motors are not great data transferrers as by their very nature; they move. A servo motor pressing the motor would give a much better motion and better yet, a servo pressing a lump into you would negate the need for motors. Maybe electrical is not the answer for this object. An upside down watch or clock would do the same thing if it could press things into you firmly.

Lastly, I cast my hand in plaster for the ArmEd meeting which went well, I think I’ve finally met my whole group now. We also went for a drink which was nice but the Man City vs Bristol City game was on so I was a little distracted…



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