Day 128 – Jan 24th

Started off the day with a meeting with someone from the Talbot Rice Gallery. He seemed interested in what I was doing and the project sounds exciting. Would be a great experience, I think he mentioned this ‘thing’ would be around june too so I’d have time. It definitely made me think about how much I need to finish/update my website though, I’m currently only showing off 2 or 3 projects.

I watched the film ‘Vertigo Sea’ by John Akomfrah in the exhibition afterwards which was stunning visually and particularly powerful in terms of conveying its message. The film seemed to be all about humanity and nature, questioning where or if they become one and the morality of humanity’s exploitation of nature. It spanned 3 gigantic screens all displaying different images that almost gave you a choice of what to find amazement in. I think I want to become a vegetarian now.



After Talbot Rice, I went on a very familiar tour of Edinburgh’s charity shops. Buying all the clocks and watches I could find. Then disassembling them to be more pliable for building upon. Here Be Time:





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