Day 130 – Jan 26th

Not my most productive day ever, I have managed to construct something that would, in theory, function . I removed the glass front from a watch and bent the second hand so that it would scratch the surface of the skin. However, when I put a new battery in the mechanism seemed to not be powerful enough to handle movement with any friction at all on the arm. I’ll try with a bigger mechanism but hacking a watch may be impossible, maybe if I had one made especially?


In other news, we did some silicone casting for ArmEd (rechristened ‘Augment Bionics’) today which went well, I think. We”ll truly see when I try to get the silicone out of the moulds! Here was the CAD file for a pad to sit on the hand:

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 10.44.24.png


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