Day 141 – Feb 6th

Busy day! Had a chat with Mark about the right type of motors to use. Apparently I was right on track with my 360 servos and I could get them to go slowly enough with the right code.

This is a very steadily immobile stubborn fucker of a servo motor I had hoped was just moving super slowly:

Had a chat with Geoff: Clock needs to not look like an asbo tag thing. Start planning the casing. The bank data device could be based on historical but real data. Great idea for a semi speculative object. Also, the interaction needs to be super delicate and intimate, test out the touch with a feather and silicone finger. Where can I get a motor that isn’t really fucking loud???? non electronic movement???


Augment Bionics meeting was short but sweet, we’re gonna mould the hand by hand. They have re-CADed the palm tho so it should work a lot better!

Also! Caught me a mouse, cute little bigger was in our kitchen. Enjoy your new home of our neighbour’s garden.


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