Day 148 – Feb 13th

Totes forgot it was pancake day! oops. Ok so Geoff thinks I deffo need 3 things which is fine, I’m just not sure what I can add with a third? Empathy, Relationships and Social quantitative data I’d like to work with but like, how? I need the watch pretty much done by mid-sem, neck piece planned and on it’s way and to know exactly what the 3rd is. Eeep!

Cast some stuff in silicone, fingers and the extra rubber as disks to be cut and cover the watch hole. ALMOST finished the model to attach the watch to me, just need to do a wee bit of soldering and we’re good to glue. Then I can test it all properly and empirically. Also Chris wires a mask, coz why not?And Kira put up a beautiful exhibition, pics coming when I see it in the daylight!


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