Post 2 – 26th Sept

Been on holiday and busy for a little while so I took a break, back now!

I briefly passed through London this week and managed to stop by the British Museum, so I took a pic of pretty much every statue head in the museum! (here is a bunch)

Today I used those images as well as the ones I gathered from Bing to create a new StyleGan2 model. I also ran the Tech model I had already built for another 4000 steps. Interestingly the new one quickly overtook the old one, the Tech model pretty mush stayed at the same FID score (189) and the new model went below 100 almost instantly.

So much of training a model is about curating the dataset it seems!

Here is the Classical Heads Model export:

This was the process video too, it shows going from initial faces into the classical sculpture heads!

Here are images from the Tech model, they haven’t really changed after over £20 worth of training! All a learning experience I guess!

Also! I went to a good exhibition at the National Gallery of Scotland with Carmen and a couple of her course-mates, they had a very cool tentacle kinetic thing:

And they had some stuff with gold leaf that made me think about gold plating my sculpture’s head to talk about veneers of excellency, legitimacy and functionality.


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