Post 3 – 16th Oct

Hello! I wanted to jot down some ideas and update on some things I’ve been working on.

I have done some sketches to try to tease out what this thing’s head might look like if I was using gold leaf:

Still not sure how to get a model for the head, I would like it to be AI generated in at least one way. I was thinking there are several options:

  1. Find a true AI generative 3D model builder
  2. Generate an AI image and find an AI that can turn that into a model: – This one looks doable!
  3. Generate AI image(s) and turn them into a 3D model manually
  4. Generate AI image(s) and turn them into a section of a 3D model manually, then use Fusion 360 to generatively build the rest of the model – could be amazing, probs will look messy and crap

Need to keep in mind the message and themes of the piece(s):

How automation and algorithms are used to create a Facade of Objectivity or False Objectivity

“The employment of new technologies that reflect and reproduce existing inequities but that are promoted and perceived as more objective or progressive than the discriminatory systems of a previous era” – Ruha Benjamin

Hope: could I build an alternative statue of the flip side of the coin? A social justice bot here to combat ‘centuries of racial demons’


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