Post 4 – 18th Oct – GAN Projects

Finding some very cool GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) projects out there both useful and inspirational.

Martin Disley – ‘How They Met Themselves’ (2021)

“How They Met Themselves is a software demonstration and research output of an ongoing investigation into how algorithmic and human schemas of facial identification, verification and perception differ and how these differences can be leveraged to control how our identity is coded in the images we put online.” – Martin Disley

Jake Elwes – Zizi – ‘Queering the Dataset’ (2019)

‘Zizi – Queering the Dataset’ aims to tackle the lack of representation and diversity in the training datasets often used by facial recognition systems. The video was made by disrupting these systems* and re-training them with the addition of 1000 images of drag and gender fluid faces found online. This causes the weights inside the neural network to shift away from the normative identities it was originally trained on and into a space of queerness. ‘Zizi – Queering The Dataset’ lets us peek inside the machine learning system and visualise what the neural network has (and hasn’t) learnt. The work is a celebration of difference and ambiguity, which invites us to reflect on bias in our data driven society.” – Jake Elwes


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