Post 6 – 20th Dec

Haven’t posted in a while, wanted to post an update!

Firstly, I’ve done some lasercut Christmas cards, they were cool. I’m sure they will be decimated in the post but that’s kinda the point:

Here are some pics from the process:

Secondly, I have tried testing how much it would cost to 3D print my (Neo)Themis statue in full (500mm cubes) and it came to over £7000…

So! Instead I am going to (for now) 3D print a bust on my ultimaker as a sort of mini version. Not sure if this one should be properly hollow so I think I’ll maybe make 2 versions?

And mayyyybe I could create a sort of 3D printed shell I could put together to use as an exterior for the main piece. OR I could look at a different method of 3D manufacturing, apparently you can get styrofoam CNCed cheaply.

Here is one company:

Also: gonna look at making AI generated 3D forms more seriously now.

This guy has a very good looking tutorial for building GANs from scratch on Google Colab.

Also also, I have covid now. Woe is me. Xmas is cancelled. Goodbye world. See you in 9 days.


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