Post 10 – 22nd Feb

I have finally finished the bust! I believe it is ready to 3D print now:

I spent today finishing the electronic casing and cutting it into 8 sections. I made them cut in different directions on top and bottom so that when I screw the bottoms to the tops the whole thing will stay together. I hope this means it won’t need any registration too.

I am going to look into setting up an old phone as a webcam so I can watch my 3D print to see if it messes up! Not sure how to go about doing this. But it would be helpful as I am going to be printing for about 8 days worth of printing time and if anything messes up it would be great to know asap!

see how they lock together here

Looks like it would be £350-£400 to get this printed. Not cheap! (extrapolating from this pricing for 1/8th of the bust.

Might just be best if I do it myself?

I also just realised that I made a mistake! I need sections on the holes so that they actually tighten bottom to top! mine currently will just attach nothing but the screw to the top. Oops!


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