Post 15 – 26th Jun

I have been experimenting with how to get the right type of shapes and distortions out of PIFhD.

I’ve decided that for the GAN classical heads of like to get them as realistic as possible. So making the input image a full body (Michelangelo’s David) works best.

But for images of tech CEOs I think they need to find a balance of being as distorted as possible while still being just recognisable or at least eerily familiar.

To do this I think making the input somewhere between a bust and a waist and up shot works best.

Jeff Bezos’ distorted head

This head looks recognisable from straight on but starts to look more and more deformed as the head spins around. Until it no longer looks human at all.

In other news:

I’m gonna be making a missive tree soon. Here is the mock version:


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