Post 22 – 22nd Mar

So it has been a crazy busy period since Xmas so I haven’t had time to do anything until I had the week off for strikes!

I decided to try to get the Neo-Themis bust up and running:

I got 80% of the way there, I had to do all of the wiring and soldering as well as design & solder the breakout board which I did pretty well at tbf.

And it was working!!

Before the wire glueing

However! After doing all of the wiring and making it so it could be assembled and disassembled easily, I decided to hot glue all of the wires in the bust…

Turns out that has given it some sort of bug? Now the IR sensors seem to see movement where none exists. Very irritating! Not sure whether I need to rip out the wiring and add new bits in?

After the wire glueing

It kinda works? It has follows you round the room for sure. But when I stand away it is still looking around. Following the code ghouls. I think I quite like the movement anyway. It means it is searching for me when I’m not even there. But I’m a bit worried about the motor burning out?

Also I’ve decided I kinda hate the aesthetic so I was thinking I could maybe cover it in (maybe black coloured or sprayed black after?) plaster and sculpt out a shape a bit like this Cy Twombly sculpture vibe. I did this a bit in previous work years ago.

Cy Twombly’s: Image credit: John Kannenberg

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