Post 23 – 29th Apr

I’ve been looking into using LiDAR to scan things and then use the files to create 3D forms and it looks like it’ll be very challenging. The file sizes make it pretty tricky. I’m wondering if I need to buy a hardcore powerful computer or change my plan somehow.

I’m thinking an aesthetic something between these three things might be a starting place:

My IOT bank data necklace
Micheal Eden – image credit: Dezeen
Ai Wei Wei – image credit: me

If I can manage to get files I scan from objects/sculptures. And do some digital collage to build them into forms. I could make gargoyles/chimeras from small built up repeated objects and bits of things. Into sculpture housing electronics that are still visible within a very postmodern creepy black exoskeleton. Digitally collaged together from bits of tech and existing sculpture.

I was thinking instead of a normal Themis statue made out of ceramic. A jumbled skeleton made from bone scans from the internet (ethics flag?) 3D printed in ceramic and glazed completely black. Might work? About a foot tall? With the electronics all sitting inside looking something like digital organs.

I think bigger pieces could be put together from sections too. I like the idea of adding metal threaded inserts and being able to screw bits together. No idea how to do that in ceramic tho…

This could all work in 3D printed Nylon too (like the necklace above) but would be expensive to print and not great for the environment!


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