Post 21 – 24th Nov

So since my trip I’ve not managed to get anything done on this project, however I have got some ideas. … More

Post 20 – 15th Oct

So I’ve applied for the British Ceramics Biennial which very much took over the past two weeks but I managed … More

Post 18 – 28th Aug

So! It’s been a while. Holiday was fab. I’ve finished 3D printing the bust and one head Jeff Bezy though:

Post 17 – 24th Jul

Started printing the bust from post 13: Also tested combining the dalle images with PIFhD: So there is a lot … More

Post 15 – 26th Jun

I have been experimenting with how to get the right type of shapes and distortions out of PIFhD. I’ve decided … More

Post 14 – 12th Jun

Been playing with DALLe mini: Some good ones in here! More on this; Mark Zuckerberg in DallE:

Post 13 – 17th Apr

I have definitely got the google collab working now! yay! It didn’t work this morn but after fiddling for aaages … More

Post 10 – 22nd Feb

I have finally finished the bust! I believe it is ready to 3D print now: I spent today finishing the … More

Post 9 – 21st Feb

Got a little done on the (solid) bust, gonna finish it up tomorrow. All that is left is to add … More

Post 8 – 3rd Feb

Just found out someone already made something I was planning to build (seemingly 30 years ago). Bastards stole my idea(ish)! … More

Post 7 – 30th Jan

Got very little done today. Decided I would try to make a hollow version of the bust. Fusion decided otherwise: … More

Post 6 – 20th Dec

Haven’t posted in a while, wanted to post an update! Firstly, I’ve done some lasercut Christmas cards, they were cool. … More

Post 5 – 27th Nov

Trying to turn images into 3D models today! not going well aha! (apologies, this post is an absolute mess) Noting … More

Post 3 – 16th Oct

Hello! I wanted to jot down some ideas and update on some things I’ve been working on. I have done … More

Post 2 – 26th Sept

Been on holiday and busy for a little while so I took a break, back now! I briefly passed through … More

Post 1 – 7th Aug

Managed to get my first own AI model working! I’ve been scraping Bing of all places for images. Seems to … More

Day 234 – May 11th

The SHOW IS UP! The semester is finished. My degree is finished. I am done. Thank y’all for reading.Bye.

Day 233 – May 10th

Took a photo of the necklace being worn (finally) as I managed to forget to take one when we were … More

Day 232 – May 9th

FINISHED MY VIDEO!! here ’tis:Here is the timelapse that went into it: And here is my my page in the … More

Day 231 – May 8th

I was wrong, the motors got stuck -.- then the whole thing got stuck together and needed two people to … More

Day 230 – May 7th

I think I’ve finally fixed the 3rd object after lots of soldering and recoding.Also we started setting up the show … More

Day 228 – May 4th

Happy Star Wars Day, I’ve planned out the coming week as to complete everything as well as reprinting and sanding … More

Day 227 – May 3rd

Necklace is all together, AND actually working yay. We filmed the videos (or most of them) today too.

Day 226 – May 2nd

My necklace is almost done! All soldered together! Resprayed the vambrace too, though the paint was crap and I’ll need … More

Day 225 – May 1st

The Third year exhibition was good, Matt’s work was my fave (don’t tell anyone) Degree show catalogue page done!

Day 224 – Apr 30th

Need a new banner… Something that visualises my concept, I’m going with low shutter speed photos. Shifting perception of time … More

Day 221 – Apr 27th

Banner Making! And Leon in my necklace! Coding is being stubborn AF! time to go for a drink.

Day 220 – Apr 26th

A fiery morning in the Product Flat: Painting and getting ready for the photoshoot today, trying to get things looking … More

Day 212 – Apr 18th

Printed some more stuff on the objet, soldered together the feather shields, made the inside of the vambrace. Need to … More

Day 211 – Apr 17th

Did some soldering, Leon took a very pretty pic! It might be the image for design informatics in the degree … More

Day 209 – Apr 15th

fixed the watch strap length in Solidworks as well as making the final parts: the buckle bits. Hopefully the printer … More

Day 206 – Apr 12th

Urgh Everything is going wrong with this necklace CAD! everytime I almost get there something pops up and I have … More

Day 205 – Apr 11th

Back from Manny! 1 month to go! let’s go. CAD finishing today: Choices from: 1:2:3:4: I chose no 2 with … More

Day 199 – Apr 5th

Almost there with the 3D printed resin watch Testing the stepper with 3 volts! It works! Now I can use … More

Day 196 – Apr 2nd

Long day. Augmented with jelly babies. 3D Printing! CAD Woodworking Prototypes! Sanding the watch case: On 1000 grit so far … More

Day 193 – Mar 30th

Lookit Pretty!!! It all fits! The screw thread fits perfectly too, awesome. Time to go get pissed! Merry Easter

Day 192 – Mar 29th

Trying to get my watch (1) done on the object printer, it’d come out very pretty and I could even … More

Day 191 – Mar 28th

Day of little success, made a more successful mechanical mock up of 3 (puppet master bot)

Day 190 – Mar 27th

Penultimate tutorial today, Geoff seemed to think most things were a-ok but I need to be ready to send stuff … More

Day 189 – Mar 26th

Got the linear stepper motors working!!! but they don’t have enough torque either. Ew. they look cool tho. If I … More

Day 188 – Mar 25th

Out of your comfort zone. Shoe compression in correlation with distance from friends and family. As a representation and instigator … More

Day 185 – Mar 22nd

FINISHED MY DISSERTATION!!!!!!!!!! here it is if you fancy a read, bit rough, I ran out of refining time and … More

Day 179 – Mar 16th

Lazercutters hate me… I tried to use one twice and both times it fucked up, maybe they just ain’t for … More

Day 177 – Mar 14th

Prepping for my first ever lazer-cutting session. I feel like a terrible product student, how can I not have lazercut … More

Day 176 – Mar 13th

Here’s what was my plan for the necklace: Geoff wasn’t a fan of the wire or counterweight… So I need … More

Day 175 – Mar 12th

Took in the necklace thing to cannibalise and turn into something else, after getting leon to model it for me: … More

Day 171 – Mar 8th

Happy international women’s day! So quite a slow day, tested the current models for both objects: The watch didn’t work … More

Day 170 – Mar 7th

Finally took some good photos of my prints! Here’s what I should’ve shown yesterday, as well as a clear plan … More

Day 169 – Mar 6th

AAArrrghhh, long day. Dissertation meeting in the early morning, then 5 hours of presentations! Joe happened to be drag-Skyping though

Day 168 – Mar 5th

Lots to get done today, 2nd batch of touch interfaces:cardboard model/prototype for the Bank concept: AND! presentation for tomorrow!

Day 167 – Mar 4th

ECA has been snowed off all week basically so no work done except ideas and Dissertation stuff, oh well!

Day 161 – Feb 26th

Been trying tick all the things I need to do for next Tuesday. Finished the CAD forms experiments and technical … More

Day 156 – Feb 21st

I have been CADing all day. So tiresome! Made a bunch of different forms to print tomorrow tho.   The … More

Day 155 – Feb 20th

Finished my gear experiment! the gears are a little shit so it’s not amazing but till I laser-cut them I … More

Day 154 – Feb 19th

Ok, so today: Cogs! For the bank – feather device Printed the CAD file (nothing fits) Stepper motor is working.

Day 149 – Feb 14th

So I left the studio for 10 seconds and now this is my profile pic… Also, I’ve made the model … More

Day 148 – Feb 13th

Totes forgot it was pancake day! oops. Ok so Geoff thinks I deffo need 3 things which is fine, I’m … More

Day 147 – Feb 12th

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALVIN you talented baker you! Also, my palm in silicone came out quite well:I started model making for … More

Day 144 – Feb 9th

So! Eventful day. Still little to no work done. Took me way too long to make 4 fingertip moulds in … More

Day 142 – Feb 7th

Tried to get my servo to turn 360 in exactly 60s this morn. SOOO close! (lots of maths) But mainly … More

Day 141 – Feb 6th

Busy day! Had a chat with Mark about the right type of motors to use. Apparently I was right on … More

Day 140 – Feb 5th

I’ve mainly been taking apart servos (fun, right?). I wanna shrink down the components so the watch is as small … More

Day 135 – Jan 31st

Pop-up flea market in the Wee Red Bar today! Sadly all women’s clothes so nothing for me. Other than that … More

Day 134 – Jan 30th

Glued some wooden pegs to my clocks yesterday to test out their strength. Could they move whilst pressed against anything? … More

Day 133 – Jan 29th

Silicone attempt 2 went really well! Also, ideated a lot today, thinking about what in life would be useful to … More

Day 132 – Jan 28th

Came in this fine Sunday morning to find out just how badly my attempts at casting silicone had gone… Soap … More

Day 130 – Jan 26th

Not my most productive day ever, I have managed to construct something that would, in theory, function . I removed … More

Day 128 – Jan 24th

Started off the day with a meeting with someone from the Talbot Rice Gallery. He seemed interested in what I … More

Day 127 – Jan 23rd

Busy day today, tried to get the vibration motor clock to function with a single arduino which sadly isn’t possible … More

Day 126 – Jan 22nd

I’m back in the studio, time off has been fun but not productive. Currently aiming to get my timepiece thingy … More

Day 56 – Nov 24th

Managed to do two plaster attachments yesterday evening, they’re very fun to do. Speedy form generation. Finished the one I’ve … More

Day 54 – Nov 22nd

As I was yesterday, I am still trying to get my code working for the magnetoreceptor. Not going too great … More

Day 52 – Nov 20th

Managed to start the project book over the weekend, even if it was just the graphical layout. Eight double pages … More

Day 49 – Nov 17th

I’ve been feeling a little demotivated of late and I failed to do anything significant on my dissertation yesterday. BUT, … More

Day 47 – Nov 15th

So I went to the ArmEd meeting yesterday and it was quite enlightening, they’re very ambitious and want some crazy … More

Day 45 – Nov 13th

Over the weekend I did 0 work on my actual projects (except 3D printing) but my website is now looking … More

Day 42 – Nov 9th

So far today I mainly have been thinking about creating fast models that I can print out over the weekend … More

Day 40 – Nov 8th

FINALLY! My magnetoreceptor, arduino nano and new vibration motors have arrived! I’ve spent all day soldering and testing them and … More

Day 39 – Nov 7th

No work done today sadly… The morning was spent in conversation with Jon, was quite useful. We teased out that … More

Day 38 – Nov 6th

Tried my hardest over the weekend to turn a Rhino file into a Solidworks one to help with creating a … More

Day 35 – Nov 3rd

Ok it’s been a while been busy in Manchester and with dissertation research so not much to post here. But … More

Day 25 – Oct 24th

The unthinkable has happened. I’ve managed to lose the USB stick with all my product files on! I won’t miss … More

Day 21 – Oct 20th

CADing and 3D printing today: The hand fits! Printing more tests too: Time to go get pissed!

Day 30 – 19th Oct

Testing out two methods of making the Magnetoreception Module, I’m calling them analogue and digital. 1. Digital: Two magnetoreceptors connected … More

Day 29 – 18th Oct

Ok so I’ve been looking at transhumanism and sensory augmentation and found this dude who created vests with sensory input … More

28th – Oct 17th

Today I did very little but here’s Alvin while we played buckaroo on him. (He fell asleep)

Day 27 – Oct 16th

Ok it’s been a while, done a lot of thinking about what I want to produce and made some weird … More

Day 21 – 10th Oct

Too much this weekend brought my immune system to a standstill, too ill for uni. But, I’ve still gotten some … More

Day 18 – 5th Oct

Been researching all week so far, (not much to put on here) trying to figure out my dissertation question as … More

Day 15 – 2nd Oct

We had our two week project presentation today which I was promptly late for. I also managed to make a … More

Day 14 – 1st Oct

The filming is done, not sure how I can edit it all together, hopefully Premier Pro is easy to use! … More

Day 13 – 30th Sept

The thing is updated: cable-ties added, arms reattached and one replaced. Time to to test it out properly, here’s where I’ll … More

Day 11 – 28th Sept

I finally managed to get inducted in the metal workshop today, it only took me 2 years. But due to … More

Day 8 – 25th Sept

Today started off with underprepared Dave tutorials then I finally managed to get into the workshop. I’ve decided to attach … More

Day 4 – 21st Sept

This project is starting a little slowly. BUT I had some good ideas! I want to make an AI symbiotic … More

Day 3 – 20th Sept

As usual at the beginning of a project I’ve been attempting to map out all of the possible areas that … More

Day 2 – 19th Sept

Today has been unproductive to say the least! Still getting into the swing of things, I guess. I’ve been enthusiastically … More